TestArchitect helps improve automated testing in Agile development by enabling early test development, reducing the time to create and maintain reliable test automation. TestArchitect lets you quickly develop a large volume of easy to maintain automated tests—using the tool’s built-in actions that eliminate coding, which speeds testing and makes it possible to update 10’s or 100’s of tests by replacing just a few actions. Integration to popular management tools, like JIRA, Zephyr, Microsoft TFS and HP Quality Center extend end-to-end test management. This turnkey tool is backed with LogiGear professional services to help you get up and running quickly. To learn more visit www.testarchitect.com

White Paper:
TA-F16 TestArchitect Client
The client is the part of the application that interacts with the user directly. This includes the TestArchitect Explorer and other GUI components that you can see from the application. TA Client is also responsible for compiling a test into text files during a text execution.

TestArchitect Harness
The Harness is the main entry point of a test execution. It reads the complied text files line by line, and then feeds them to the automation engine. Custom actions can be implemented in the harness, and in this mannner become available to the tests.

Test Architect Automation
The Automation Libraries, as the name suggests, is the brains of the operation. It translates high-level actions into low-level functions, takes care of the control follow of the test execution, and interacts with the SUT and the Agent.

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