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QA Consultants
QA Consultants is an award-winning provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. We are the trusted testing company for businesses, brands, government departments and institutions. Over the last 20 years we have successfully delivered 5,000+ mission-critical projects in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Within those sectors, QA Consultants has extensive testing experience and depth in the following industries: automotive, banking, consumer goods, insurance, media and advertising, public affairs, retail, technology, and travel and tourism. In the ongoing effort to maintain our status as leader in research and innovation, and with the continuing support of the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program, QAC founded, developed and built a large facility in Toronto devoted solely to testing. The Test Factory™ is a continuous quality test lab incorporating a precise combination of intelligence applied to advanced levels of automation. The Test Factory pairs the skilled labour and expertise of our staff (mostly computer science graduates) with our proprietary testing methodologies. This unique blend provides our clients with unparalleled and superior quality service. QAC’s 30,000-square-foot testing facility delivers onshore quality and performance at low offshore prices. The Test Factory alone, or in partnership with our Managed Services and Staff Augmentation departments, delivers highly effective testing and QA solutions to our wide range of clients.

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Selenium – Advanced Best Practices – Hands On!

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A Primer on Big Data Testing – QA Consultants
A Primer on Big Data Testing - QA ConsultantsThis report is the output of a research project by QA Consultants – the North American leader in onshore software testing. This paper focuses on the primary challenges of testing Big Data systems and proposes methodology to overcome those challenges. Because of the complex nature of both Big Data and the highly distributed, asynchronous systems that process it, organi- zations have been struggling to define testing strategies and to set up optimal testing environ- ments. The focus of this primer is on important aspects of methods, tools and processes for Big Data testing. It was completed with the support of the National Research Council of Canada.

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