Flood IO

Flood IO is a distributed load testing platform that lets you run performance tests from around the world with your favourite open source tools including JMeter, Gatling and Selenium.

Providing real time results at 15 second resolution and a sleek, intuitive interface, you can observe and quickly identify performance issues under load. We capture request and response trace headers as well as samples of response bodies for easier error investigation. We focus on providing succinct and decisive visual charts and tools to make your job of testing easier.

Our grid nodes can be launched in 11 geographic regions across the globe within minutes allowing you to generate massive concurrent load and high throughput volume. You can use our competitively priced on demand infrastructure or lock in more savings and host your own nodes on your own AWS account. On demand grids provide a generous 16 GB of RAM and 4 VCPU per node so you never have to worry about load generation being a bottleneck. Hosted grids enjoy additional benefits such as static IPs, private subnets and larger instance types with up to 60 GB of RAM and 36 VPCU.

Our plans let you run as many concurrent users with as many tests for as long as you need. We don’t put artificial constraints in the number of tests or number of users you want to simulate. We don’t want to get in the way of your testing, just help you get your testing done. Flood IO is an easy to use load testing service that saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on what’s important — your product.

Contact: Jarrett Green, Business Development. +1 (415) 562-4980 jarrett@flood.io

flood.IO Session - STPCon Fall 2016
Attend Tim Koopmans session at STPCon – From Zero to 1 Million Requests Per Second. “I will get you out of the woods of scripting and up and running with some high volume concurrent load against real endpoints. This is game day, watch things crash and burn as we put Flood IO through its paces and stress test a mystery site.” – Tim Koopmans, CTO and Founder at Flood IO.

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