Mark Bentsen

Mark Bentsen has been leading cross-enterprise collaboration in the DFW area among Software Quality practitioners for the past seven years. Gathering corporately on a quarterly basis and on field trips to one another’s work places, the QA Trailblazers are pushing each other to expand the capabilities of the modern software testing organization. He is the QA Manager of ARGO data, a software development company providing mission-critical and analytical solutions for financial services and healthcare. Mark is a certified CTAL-Full, CSTE, PMP, and ASQ CMQ/OE.

Speaker Details:

Mark Bentsen – QA Manager, ARGO
Twitter: @MarkBentsen
Facebook: Mandm Bentsen
LinkedIn: Mark Bentsen
Other: Principles of Software Quality Assurance
Past Events: University of Texas Software Engineering, Trailblazers & Testing Metric Mistakes Webinar, International Marriage Seminars with Better Marriages

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