Connor Roberts

Connor Roberts is a Quality Manager with over 11+ years of testing experience. From building integration software, to security testing and web services and test team management, his varied background has provided insight into multiple contexts and perspectives to aid in the build out of high-value artifacts and other material for testers. He has led testing projects within Agile/Scrum, Kanban and other various software development environments, and in his current role, is responsible for espousing the use of good practices based upon the contextual needs of the teams, across the organization.

Connor frequents in-person testing conferences and meetups when available, as well as engages heavily with the online community to advance the state of testing and move our craft forwards. Connor’s guiding light of testers providing an act of service to others is congruent with the talks and content he produces for the community. You can learn more about Connor at, or

Speaker Details:

Connor Roberts – Quality Assurance Manager, Dealertrack Technologies
Twitter: @ConnorRoberts
LinkedIn: Connor Roberts

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