Workshop: Selenium – Advanced Best Practices – Hands On!

Selenium Best Practices

Listen To this STP Radio Episode with workshop leader Leo Laskin of Sauce Labs & Brian Bernknopf of QA Consultants

Come learn from the original contributors to the Selenium Project. Open source tools have proven to be very capable in handling advanced automation projects, and companies are increasingly adopting a number of them. However, in order to speed up software development pipelines and ease manageability of the process, developing effective automation strategies is also key. This is why Sauce Labs (a scalable, cloud-based architecture built on enabling the best of Selenium and Selenium grid for Web and Mobile application testing) and QA Consultants (North America’s leading provider of independent software testing services) are dedicated to moving the needle for today’s Quality Assurance and Testing teams. CloudBees, the Enterprise Jenkins Company, and CD Orchestration leader will also support our CI\CD commitment. We have partnered together to offer the STPCon community a chance to improve current automation initiatives, drive efficiency into QA teams, and increase awareness of what is possible with test automation.

Join Sauce Labs’ Automation Specialist and Selenium Project contributor, Leo Laskin, as he discusses advanced topics in automated testing to help you get closer to true CI/CD.

“The training was very helpful with practical advice for teams just starting to automate their tests and for those that are more advanced.”

Bring your laptop and be ready to work, because you will gain experience in topics including:

  • Selenium / Automation Best Practices
  • Design and Execution of Rapid Release Processes
  • Removing Roadblocks Between QA and Development
  • Test Parallelization Optimization
  • Update on Selenium 3.0

Class participants will receive complimentary one-day access to the Sauce Labs automated testing cloud. And 1 lucky attendee will receive a free Automation Framework assessment from QA Consultants.

Workshop Requirements:

Students for the workshop should come with the following:

  1. Laptop with an IDE installed
  2. Git
  3. Required compilation resources for your language of choice (for example, Maven for Java, npm for Javascript, etc)

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QA Consultants

Automation Strategy Workshop
Location: Majestic 7 Date: September 20, 2016 Time: 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Leo Laskin Sauce Labs Leo Laskin