Workshop: The Absolute & Final Workshop to Everything You Will Ever Need to Know and Learn About Software Testing in Under 3 hours with Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Technical Support® (Batteries Not Included, Some Restrictions May Apply, It Is our Way to Say Thank You)

Wouldn’t it be nice if such a thing was possible? Unfortunately, reality feels more complicated. In the domain of software testing you often need to guide yourself.
As a software tester there are many things you need to know and there are very few opportunities for formal education. There is a high expectation on you to know what you need to know. How do you navigate these expectations? What exactly do you need to learn? How do you balance this professional growth with personal enlightenment? How do you transition from “learning from the best” to “contributing your unique expertise to the community”?
One of the most interesting aspects of software testing is just how many sciences and studies can contribute to our ability to be great at our job, and find both personal and professional satisfaction. Learning is so central to our craft and it can be regarded as being the foundation of where everything starts. By learning we mean the deliberate activity to acquire the necessary skills to do a great job.In this interactive half-day workshop, we will do a deep dive into learning, education and methods to acquire the skills of a world-class tester. In our exercises, we will touch into/explore skills and knowledge that you bring to the workshop, as well as:

  • Cynefin and its strong implications/opportunities for the curious minded.
  • “Making time for learning” (includes selling the value of personal learning to your organization).
  • Multiple elements from the Satir Model (Virginia Satir).
  • Heuristics vs. Principles vs. Rules and how they are tied to self-learning and formalized education.
  • What are the mechanisms of learning?
  • How… HOW???
  • Please do not get a false impression. By no means is the list above complete.

    Session Takeaways:

    • Understand how and why learning is central to being a software tester.
    • Ways to develop you own education curriculum.
    • An excursion into a variety of skills that are essential for software testing.
    • Exposure to a rich set of learning techniques and how you can apply them in your professional life.
    • Learn how to not fall into despair when confronted with infinite possibilities.
    • An exploration of ideas on building local communities for professional learning and growth.
    • Bragging rights that you got to spend half a day of almost unbearable levels of fun with Ilari and Martin (we will make sure the other workshops hear us).

    Workshop Requirements:

    1. Laptop
    2. Something to write with
    3. Something to write on

    Location: Majestic 6 Date: September 20, 2016 Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm Ilari Henrik Aegerter Martin Hynie