Show It! Better Testing Through Visual Communication

Testers spend a lot of time managing and communicating test information throughout the test process. As well, testers must ensure they are conveying information in a way that their audience of other testers, developers, and stakeholders understand the message. A lot of key detail can be lost or overlooked when testers communicate solely with written and verbal techniques. That’s where visual communication techniques like image and video come in! Testers need efficient and effective methods for sharing test information, such as test cases, test sessions, results, bugs, and test status. In this session we’ll focus on visual communication concepts, and why you as a tester should be communicating by using visual methods. Then we’ll look at some real-world visual communication tips and techniques you can use to save time, reduce confusion in your communication, and have your message land with impact!

Testers will take away the following understanding:

  • How society has become more visually oriented and why it is important to incorporate visuals into their testing work.
  • The major points to consider when communicating visually.
  • The positive impact that communicating with visuals can have on their work and relationships with team members.
  • Real world techniques and examples of incorporating visual methods into work organization, workflow analysis, test case design, test case management and execution, defect logging, and reporting on quality.

Location: Majestic 6 Date: September 21, 2016 Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Jess Lancaster