Driving Business Results with Business Process Assurance

In today’s digital world, Quality Assurance must move beyond efficiently validating systems to ensuring business outcomes are achieved. A holistic view of business readiness and corresponding risk requires that processes, operating procedures and systems work in a seamless fashion. Success is now achieved through Business Process Assurance, shifting focus from “widget validation” to process realization.

More and more large-scale transformational projects are completing short of expected business value. Delivery is late, over budget and missing functional, process or stakeholder expectations. Traditional approaches for establishing IT Systems are missing the mark on ensuring that the delivery aligns and tracks to business goals and expected outcomes. Business Process Assurance bridges this gap ensuring that work efforts, both IT and operational, are aligned to desired outcomes and all work is traceable back to these imperatives. By taking a methodical approach, establishing a program framework for delivery and validation around business processes, we can assure that the end deliverables will meet expectations. We will outline the steps necessary to establish end-state business processes, evaluate and assign business risk to these processes to inform delivery and validate that the solution will operate as desired in support of goals and objectives. With our approach, we can track progress being made and provide insight into delivery risks throughout the program.

Attendees will learn how to anchor on business processes as a key driver for program activities, including:

  • program work sequencing,
  • aligning resources for effective execution,
  • establishing a framework for automated test design, and
  • leveraging analytics to provide insights into business risks to delivery and maintaining traceability of technology and operational components across the program.

Location: Majestic 2 Date: September 21, 2016 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm Mike Warner Philip Ruth