Driving Ambiguities from Requirements through Stronger Test Analysis

Are you frustrated by the false expectation that quality can be tested into the product? Did you know that poor requirements consume approximately 41.5% of the average IT budget due to maintenance and redo work? By the time an application is delivered to testing, your ability to introduce quality principles is generally limited to defect detection. Ambiguity reviews are a proactive approach in the Requirements Phase to ensure requirements are quantitative, clear, and concise. So how do you begin to shift your team’s perceptions into a true quality assurance organization?

Susan Schanta shares her approach to Shift Quality Left by performing ambiguity reviews against requirements to reduce defects at the beginning of the project. By partnering with the BA Team, you can build quality in while increasing traceability and velocity in test design.
• Key questions to ask during the requirements elicitation session
• Tips and techniques for performing an ambiguity review
• Adopt a disciplined technique for documenting ambiguities
• Introduce metrics to measure ambiguity patterns
• How to extend ambiguity review principles to other lifecycle documentation

Session Takeaways:

  • How to build a collaborative approach to driving ambiguities out of requirements through a partnership with the BA Team.
  • Tips for finding ambiguous language in requirements and formulating clarifications to drive to clear, concise and testable requirements.
  • How to measure quality improvements to requirements through reduced defects during the Requirements, Design and Test Phases.
  • How to use test scenarios to drive business user review and input to achieve adequate test coverage.
  • Useful metrics to measure success in test coverage, defect leakage reduction and reducing the cost of quality.

Location: Majestic 5 Date: September 22, 2016 Time: 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm Susan Schanta