Deconstructing User Stories into Test Cases

User Stories by necessity are written quickly but this mean they have to be poorly written? How often does the QA Analyst in a Scrum shop get the job of testing a User Story with either nothing to go on or way too much information? The key is to deconstruct the User Stories by asking probing questions to the Subject Matter Experts, BA’s and developers. That’s what this seminar/work shop will attempt to accomplish.

The objective is for participants to learn techniques for interrogating User Stories. This can be applied by the development team in order to produce smaller, more concisely written User Stories and Acceptance Criteria. For the QA Analyst this will be greatly beneficial in developing test cases. The presentation/session will involve:

  • Characteristics of a good user story.
  • Characteristics of a good acceptance criteria.
  • Conditions when user story should be deconstructed for additional grooming.
  • Deconstruct user stories to identify:
  • a). Acceptance criteria.
  • b). End to end test scenarios.
  • c). UAT test cases.
  • d). System test cases.
  • Closing comments.

Location: Majestic 6 Date: September 21, 2016 Time: 3:45 pm - 4:45 pm D. Mark Haynes