Being a Testing Toolsmith

STP Radio: STPCon Speaker – Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. @FriendlyTester

Releases are getting faster and faster, well most of them. Delivering good testing is becoming an ever increasingly difficult problem. Teams are turning to tools to assist them with their testing. The most common of these tools are for creating automated checks. In creating such tools, many testers develop a proficient level of coding skills. Why stop at automated checks though, they, you, could build so much more.

In this talk, Richard will share his experience of being a testing toolsmith. He will share tools he has built that are outside of automated checking. He will elaborate on how he identifies which tools to build. How he has surprised himself in realizing how much programming knowledge he has amassed. We will also look in detail at how these tools have helped the teams he has been in.

Richard currently sees the toolsmith as the progression of the ‘automation tester / SDET’, bringing those skills back to the core of testing, delivering tools that really assist the testing efforts. Allow for deeper, faster testing, by supporting the testing process.

Session Takeaways:

  • Theory over tools
  • Design over code
  • Problem solving
  • Question why
  • Identifying where best to use your skills
  • Trust?
  • What is a toolsmith?
  • Throw away, not always about perfection
  • Shadowing

Location: Majestic 1 Date: September 21, 2016 Time: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm Richard Bradshaw