Workshop: Selenium – Advanced Best Practices – Hands On!

Listen To this STP Radio Episode with workshop leader Leo Laskin of Sauce Labs & Brian Bernknopf of QA Consultants Come learn from the original contributors to the Selenium Project. Open source tools have proven to be very capable in handling advanced automation projects, and companies are increasingly adopting a number of them. However, in […]

Workshop: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and […]

Workshop: Discover the Power of Pair Testing

In agile teams, it’s inevitable that team members are expected to be more cross-functional and produce high quality products for their customers. How can agile team members become more cross-functional and take ownership of quality? Often times there seems to be a scarcity of testing talents in agile teams. How can agile teams create high […]

Workshop: Test Case Design Intensive

Many testers think they know how to write test cases. Writing great test cases is difficult but they are a valuable asset. In the new normal of Agile, continuous testing, rapid delivery, “automate everything,” lean documentation development lifecycles- you may not think there is time for thoughtful, intelligent test design. It is essential. Excellent test […]

Workshop: Move into DevOps – Experiences from the Real World

Using experience from three successful implementations, you will learn how test teams can be an asset and not a drag as we move into DevOps. Management wants everyone to move to DevOps now. Testing in DevOps is harder than most organizations think. Many test teams still struggle with Agile, test automation and maintenance. These problems […]

Workshop: What Makes Automated Testing Successful?

With the arrival of Agile and DevOps automation of tests has become even more important than ever before. However, in particular functional testing has not become any easier over the years. Many organizations and teams still struggle to get their tests fully automated, and keep that automation stable and maintained well over the years. This […]

Workshop: Finding Peformance Defects in the Application Exhaust

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! Finding configuration and use issues which rob your system of optimal performance can be difficult even under optimal conditions. For this session we will be leveraging big data practices to examine HTTP access logs for common issues related to use and configuration which result in slow client response […]

Workshop: Infuriatingly Fun Performance Puzzlers

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! Have you ever been stumped by a performance issue? And everyone is looking at you to be the genius who knows everything about performance? It’s a situation that we may find ourselves in frequently, but never get a chance to practice fully before we end up in the […]

Workshop: Hands on Testing with Proxies

STP Radio: STPCon Speaker – Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. @FriendlyTester Most web/mobile applications are clients, in the sense that they are just interfaces for the main system. The main system being a set of API’s that the application communicates with, or a web server returning some data. When testing applications, most people tend to focus on […]