In this track you will learn the strategic and practical approaches to software testing and test case design, based on the underlying software development methodology.

PerfBytes Live at STPCon Fall 2016

Join Us Wednesday night for a LIVE Podcast from STPCon! Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance […]

Workshop: Selenium – Advanced Best Practices – Hands On!

Listen To this STP Radio Episode with workshop leader Leo Laskin of Sauce Labs & Brian Bernknopf of QA Consultants Come learn from the original contributors to the Selenium Project. Open source tools have proven to be very capable in handling advanced automation projects, and companies are increasingly adopting a number of them. However, in […]

KEYNOTE: Test (R)evolution II: An Expert Panel on Software Testing

Recorded September 6th, 2016 Recorded August 12, 2016 The world is evolving faster now than any generation before. We are seeing technology grow exponentially and are moving from simple information systems to complex internet of things, mobile technology, and multiple variations of complex systems, services, and products. As testers, we are being called on to […]

KEYNOTE: Anyone Can Cook — Is the Same True for Test Automation?

Manual testing is becoming increasingly more complex, causing companies to realize they can help testers be more effective and efficient at their job by automating appropriate tasks. But let’s face it: Test automation is scary and still new to many QA departments. Many are unclear about where to begin: Do you need a degree or […]

Driving Business Results with Business Process Assurance

In today’s digital world, Quality Assurance must move beyond efficiently validating systems to ensuring business outcomes are achieved. A holistic view of business readiness and corresponding risk requires that processes, operating procedures and systems work in a seamless fashion. Success is now achieved through Business Process Assurance, shifting focus from “widget validation” to process realization. […]

KEYNOTE: State of the Net

Technology around us is changing faster than ever. We’ve already become dependent of our digital devices, and this is just the beginning. As connected devices open new opportunities for imagination, they also open up new opportunities for online criminals. Where are we today? Where are we going? And how are we ever going to ensure […]

Early Performance Testing: What Else Shifts Beside Left

Development and deployment contexts have changed considerably over the last few years. The discipline of performance testing has had difficulty keeping up with modern testing principles and software development and deployment processes. Most people still see performance testing as a single experiment, run against a completely assembled, code-frozen, production-resourced system, with the “accuracy” of simulation […]

Workshop: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and […]