In this track you will learn practical skills, tools, and techniques for planning and executing effective performance tests.

PerfBytes Live at STPCon Fall 2016

Join Us Wednesday night for a LIVE Podcast from STPCon! Ever had a question about performance testing? Ever wanted to just complain about the lack of load testing on your favorite websites as they buckle and crash under heavy load? Come and join the live audience of the PerfBytes podcast! Win prizes, learn about performance […]

DEMO: From Zero to 1 Million Requests Per Second

Averaging 3 – 5 conversations with customers about load testing per day, all year round for the last 3 years, I have observed the best and the worst of performance test design on Flood IO. In this demonstration I will get you out of the woods of scripting and up and running with some high […]

Early Performance Testing: What Else Shifts Beside Left

Development and deployment contexts have changed considerably over the last few years. The discipline of performance testing has had difficulty keeping up with modern testing principles and software development and deployment processes. Most people still see performance testing as a single experiment, run against a completely assembled, code-frozen, production-resourced system, with the “accuracy” of simulation […]

Workshop: Interpreting and Reporting Performance Test Results

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! You’ve worked hard to define, develop and execute a performance test on a new application to determine its behavior under load. You have barrels full of numbers. What’s next? The answer is definitely not to generate and send a canned report from your testing tool. Results interpretation and […]

Workshop: Finding Peformance Defects in the Application Exhaust

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! Finding configuration and use issues which rob your system of optimal performance can be difficult even under optimal conditions. For this session we will be leveraging big data practices to examine HTTP access logs for common issues related to use and configuration which result in slow client response […]

What’s New with Performance? A Round Table Discussion

Whether you are a functional tester doing web performance on the client side or an old-school load tester blowing up the network and database…everything is still changing in the world of performance. Let’s have an open discussion about changes to tools, practices, processes, techniques around performance testing and engineering. Let’s share some ideas and experiences […]

Performance Teams and Strategies

You just found out that your QA Automation team is being combined with the performance testers – it’s a huge promotion and you’re expected to know what to do right outta the gate. Has it happened to you? The first challenges are just understanding what the objectives are for the effort. Then you need to […]

Workshop: Infuriatingly Fun Performance Puzzlers

Listen To This STP Radio Episode Now! Have you ever been stumped by a performance issue? And everyone is looking at you to be the genius who knows everything about performance? It’s a situation that we may find ourselves in frequently, but never get a chance to practice fully before we end up in the […]

Performance Testing HTTP/2 Applications

This presentation will focus on the new HTTP version 2 standard and how to approach performance testing for sites optimized for HTTP/2 verses HTTP 1.x. This presentation will include the following information: 1.What is HTTP/2 2.How does HTTP/2 differ from HTTP 1.x 3.What performance gains should be expected from HTTP/2 4.How to optimize web applications […]