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Workshop: The Absolute & Final Workshop to Everything You Will Ever Need to Know and Learn About Software Testing in Under 3 hours with Money Back Guarantee and Life Time Technical Support® (Batteries Not Included, Some Restrictions May Apply, It Is our Way to Say Thank You)

Wouldn’t it be nice if such a thing was possible? Unfortunately, reality feels more complicated. In the domain of software testing you often need to guide yourself. As a software tester there are many things you need to know and there are very few opportunities for formal education. There is a high expectation on you […]

The Tester’s Role: Balancing Technical Acumen and User Advocacy

Ten years ago, many of us started our careers in testing, generally moving from a different internal role. It was common for people who were product users to be hired to jump start their technical career. Now, we see the growth of tester positions that require coding experience or a computer science degree with little […]

Deconstructing User Stories into Test Cases

User Stories by necessity are written quickly but this mean they have to be poorly written? How often does the QA Analyst in a Scrum shop get the job of testing a User Story with either nothing to go on or way too much information? The key is to deconstruct the User Stories by asking […]

Show It! Better Testing Through Visual Communication

Testers spend a lot of time managing and communicating test information throughout the test process. As well, testers must ensure they are conveying information in a way that their audience of other testers, developers, and stakeholders understand the message. A lot of key detail can be lost or overlooked when testers communicate solely with written […]

Collaborate and Conquer -Testing in Component Based Scaled Agile Programs

In this session I will cover Quality Assurance strategies for Scaled Agile delivery in enterprises that have component-based architecture. I will examine real-life examples from the Telecommunication industry to help illustrate specific concepts. Some of the concepts that will be used are part of my article published in STP: The Secret Sauce for Making Enterprise […]

Workshop: Hands on Testing with Proxies

STP Radio: STPCon Speaker – Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. @FriendlyTester Most web/mobile applications are clients, in the sense that they are just interfaces for the main system. The main system being a set of API’s that the application communicates with, or a web server returning some data. When testing applications, most people tend to focus on […]

Workshop: 7 Metrics to Use to Identify Vulnerable Code

Do you know the developers on your team who write the most (let’s call it) “vulnerable” code? Do you want to know who they are? Come learn the tale-tell signs of vulnerable code and 7 metrics you can use to identify it. We’ll go through several tools that are freely available to you that will […]