Session Room

Roundtable: Upskilling the Testers

Many organizations claim to have “world-class test teams” and that everyone is at their peak performance. This is a good theory, and motivating for teams at times. Based on Pareto’s Law of 80/20, it is likely that this is not the case. It’s more likely that 80% of the critical work is being done by […]

Test Parallelization Using Jenkins

With the extensive amount of testing performed nightly on large software projects (like Klocwork), test and verification teams often experience lengthy wait times for the availability of test results of the latest build. As we strive to identify and resolve issues as fast as possible, alternative methods of test execution have to be found. At […]

Only Specialists Can Do Security Testing–Right?

The general perception is that only specialists can do security testing. As with many beliefs, that is both correct and incorrect. Security experts are invaluable, and can provide critical guidance with a software product and the total production environment. However, there are many areas of design, implementation and testing that software testers can impact from […]

Mailing It In: Using Postman to Deliver First Class Results

Learn how the Postman tool can help you in all aspects of your service testing, from your first exploratory tests to continuous test integration. This session will cover all the basics of Postman along with more advanced usage scenarios. Attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops and start using Postman right away! Session Takeaways: Basic […]

Automation Challenges – A Round Table Discussion

– Are you having chronic challenges with your automation initiative? – Do you ever wish that you could discuss those situations with others who may have the same challenges or who have had success in overcoming those challenges? – Do you have experience overcoming common automation challenges that you want to share? – Are you […]

What’s New with Performance? A Round Table Discussion

Whether you are a functional tester doing web performance on the client side or an old-school load tester blowing up the network and database…everything is still changing in the world of performance. Let’s have an open discussion about changes to tools, practices, processes, techniques around performance testing and engineering. Let’s share some ideas and experiences […]

Driving Ambiguities from Requirements through Stronger Test Analysis

Are you frustrated by the false expectation that quality can be tested into the product? Did you know that poor requirements consume approximately 41.5% of the average IT budget due to maintenance and redo work? By the time an application is delivered to testing, your ability to introduce quality principles is generally limited to defect […]