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How King Uses AI in Testing

Candy Crush Saga is one of the biggest mobile games today and there’s a huge demand for new levels on top of already existing 1000+ levels. With frequent releases of new levels the challenge to regression test all levels to make sure all levels are ok is increasingly getting harder for each release. Alexander will […]

Don’t Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

Just as in the Wizard of Oz–where all the great pyrotechnics going on in public were controlled by the wizard hidden behinds the curtain—so in QA all the great quality that the customer sees is controlled by the QA professional. If you ignore the “Wizard” you do so at the risk of compromising Quality. Are […]

1 Automation Framework, 2 Apps, 3 Platforms Tested!

In a team which is developing mobile apps for multiple platforms, it becomes extremely difficult to maintain multiple Automation codebases and frameworks to test the app. This becomes a bigger problem when the same team is churning out multiple flavours of the same app. What this session will showcase is how we have built an […]

We are Moving to Agile: What Are Our Testers Going To Do?

As more and more organizations transition to agile, many still do not understand how testing fits into agile teams. Does it simply mean placing a tester on every team? Or does it mean doing away with the role of testers? Pradeepa Narayanaswamy explains the importance of working in cross-functional teams that integrate development and testing. […]

Know Your Boundaries

Boundary – noun – a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. Most boundaries are artificially induced limits within a program or development eco-system that are the result of development decisions. Identifying these lines of demarcation and knowing how to exploit them can lead to all manner of fun and an […]

How Developers and Quality Engineers Collaborate at Salesforce

Salesforce delivers three major feature releases a year, made possible with strong collaboration among its team members. In this session we will talk about how Developers and Quality Engineers collaborate in an Agile environment on a daily basis. It all starts with a User Story and ends with satisfied customers. We will walk you through […]

Using Keywords to Support Behavior Driven Development

To help teams specify, develop and test their applications Dan North has introduced a technique called “Behavior Driven Development” (BDD). In this approach natural language scenarios are used that are equally understandable for all team members and stake holders in a project. BDD scenarios can also be used to drive automation, but the result is […]