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Exploratory Test Automation

Exploratory Testing is such a great compliment to traditional test approaches that trying to organize this from a test process perspective can be a challenge if not planned properly. Testing professionals often see exploratory testing as one that relates to manual testing. What is it about Exploratory Testing that would not lend itself to Test […]

Workshop: Test Case Design Intensive

Many testers think they know how to write test cases. Writing great test cases is difficult but they are a valuable asset. In the new normal of Agile, continuous testing, rapid delivery, “automate everything,” lean documentation development lifecycles- you may not think there is time for thoughtful, intelligent test design. It is essential. Excellent test […]

Workshop: What Makes Automated Testing Successful?

With the arrival of Agile and DevOps automation of tests has become even more important than ever before. However, in particular functional testing has not become any easier over the years. Many organizations and teams still struggle to get their tests fully automated, and keep that automation stable and maintained well over the years. This […]

Being a Testing Toolsmith

STP Radio: STPCon Speaker – Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. @FriendlyTester Releases are getting faster and faster, well most of them. Delivering good testing is becoming an ever increasingly difficult problem. Teams are turning to tools to assist them with their testing. The most common of these tools are for creating automated checks. In creating such tools, […]

Workshop: Leading Agile Testers – Successfully Making the Leap

There’s a gross error being made today across many agile organizations. They’re assuming there is no place for test management and leadership in agile, self-directed team contexts. We beg to differ with this strategy. There is a strong need to testing leadership in agile organizations, just not the way we’ve always approached it. In this […]

Workshop: Agile Testing – Techniques to Survive and Thrive

Let’s face it – agile testing is different. First of all, there are challenges integrating successfully within the teams themselves. Scrummerfall is still running rampant. Then there is the dichotomy of testing vs. quality and balancing yours and the teams focus. Finally, delivering value is also an imperative, but a challenge. In this dynamic workshop, […]

Tracking Exploratory Testing

Exploratory Testing has its origins around the turn of the century (sounds historical doesn’t it) when one or two enterprising individuals dared to suggest that perhaps developing test scripts and executing them wasn’t the only way to test software. Fast forward to today where Exploratory Testing is a well-accepted practice that some individuals swear by […]

Data Strategies for Automated Testing

You’ve written a large suite of test cases over the last few months. But every time someone changes the data model or wipes the database, you find yourself working extra hours to fix broken test cases! Test cases that were once consistent, reliable, and passing now look like a wasteland of red fail. Success in […]

The Internet of Things’ Exciting Impact on Testing!

This interactive presentation focuses on the exciting evolution of IoT (Internet of Things)! It is easy to see how rapidly technology has evolved in the past 25 years. This presentation is focused on the relatively recent paradigm shift and evolvement of the Internet of Things and analyzes its impact on Quality Assurance and the testing […]