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STP Radio: Leadership at STPCon – Interview with Mike Lyles

We have a special treat for you on STP Radio today. Damian Synadinos turns the table on Mike Lyles (normal STP Radio host) and interviews him about his STPCon session, workshop and Keynote coming up in Dallas, TX September 19-22. Damian and Mike chat about the 80’s and the piano and how Mike is able […]

STP Radio: STPCon Speaker – Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. the FriendlyTester

Richard Bradshaw a.k.a. the @FriendlyTester and the creator of Whiteboard Testing, took some time to chat with Smita Mishra and Paul Grizzaffi. They discuss Richard’s upcoming workshops and sessions at STPCon starting on September 19th in Dallas, TX. Find out how Legos can help you write better automation test scripts and the importance of using […]

STP Radio: Perfomance Gurus – Proegler, Pulley and Tomlinson

The always entertaining Eric Proegler, Mark Tomlinson, and James Pulley chat with Smita Mishra on another STP Radio episode. Listen in and find out how infuriating Mark’s puzzler workshop on performance will be, how to interpret performance results with Eric, and how James’ workshop will enable you to look at the “application exhaust” to expose […]

STP Radio: Leo Laskin & Kevin Berg of Sauce Labs

It’s that time again. Time for our STP Radio host, Mike Lyles, to have a conversation with more of our STPCon speakers. Today, Mike chats with one of our Keynote Speakers, Leo Laskin of Sauce Labs. He also finds out more about Kevin Berg’s sessions and the newest workshop just added to the Dallas STPCon […]

STP Radio: Interview with Keynote – Mikko Hypponen

Welcome to another episode of STP Radio. Today, Smita Mishra talks with our opening keynote speaker, Mikko Hypponen – Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. Smita and Mikko chat about his Keynote address; State of the Net at the upcoming STPCon in Dallas – September 19-22. Find out how people believe that security and privacy are […]

STP Radio: Interview with Amber Race

In this episode of STP Radio Mike Lyles chats with Amber Race about her session at the upcoming STPCon in Dallas – September 19-22. Amber and Mike discuss how testers can use Postman to deliver first class results… Amber also reveals how the back end of games are tested at her company Big Fish Games, […]

STP Radio: Keynote Panel Interview

Listen in as Mike Lyles and Smita Mishra chat with the Keynote Panel from the upcoming STPCon in Dallas – September 19-22, 2016. Paul Grizzaffi, Melissa Tondi, and Mary Thorn share insider information about their sessions and what they are looking forward to most about STPCon. Check out the keynote: Test (R)evolution II: An Expert […]