2016 Software Test Luminary Recipient

Congratulations to the 2016 Software Test Luminary Award Recipient

Pradeep Soundararajan

Pradeep Soundararajan - 2016 Software Test Luminary Nominee

  • Founder CEO of Moolya Testing Services
    Moolya helps enterprises test their software and apps the Moolya way.
  • Founder CEO of Startup Test Lab
    Making great testing available to startups, the startup way.
  • Founder CEO of Appachhi Technologies
    Analytics Driven Test Automation Platform for Mobile Apps.

A note from Pradeep Soundararajan:
“I think the nominees of this award for 2016 – Anne-Marie Charrett, Elisabeth Hendrickson and Robert Sabourin are lighthouses for software testers worldwide and I grew up learning from them. As a matter of fact, I did not vote for myself. Getting this award after Jerry, Ross, Cem, Keith, James and Michael from whom I have learnt to test only tells me that I am incredibly blessed, pure lucky, and an accidental partial success.

I am humbled and express gratitude for STPCon, Members of the Software Testing Community Worldwide, Colleagues in Moolya Testing, Appachhi, Mike Lyles, Peggy Libbey, fellow Indian tester and entrepreneur Smita Mishra and committee at STP to have nominated, voted and present me with this award. A special mention to my wife Bharathi without whom I wouldn’t have gone ahead with this nomination.

This world hasn’t yet extracted the full juice of value from software testing. This world needs clarity. This world needs to amplify the signal and not the noise. All this combined has given a purpose to my life. It has led to finding spirituality in what I do. Hence – Inner Peace and my Chhi prevails. Hoping to be more useful. Skadoosh!”

— Pradeep Soundararajan

About 13 years ago, when he stepped into testing fresh out of college, he wanted to become the best tester and thought it is the hardest journey he can ever embark on. Mid way in the journey to become the best tester – he discovered that he was looking for something that doesn’t exist – the notion of best. Instead of chasing to be the best tester, he chose to contribute something meaningful to the world through testing. He is again mid way in that journey. He wants to put the head down and work. So, he made a choice to cut a lot of noise that he had created for himself and put the focus on amplifying the signal. So far so good.

He strongly believes there are people worthy of this award such as Jon Bach, Elisabeth Hendrickson, Rob Sabourin, Julian Harty, Simon Stewart, Ben Simo, Henrik Anderson, Illari Henrik, Rahul Verma, Vipul Kocher, Ajay Balamurugadas, Parimala Hariprasad, James Lyndsay, Anne-Marie Charret, Fiona Charles, Scott Barber and the Super Rosie Sherry who should get this award before he gets it so that it adds more colour to the award and can make him more prouder to an already impressive list of people who have got it previously.

In a very gifted way – Pradeep is the Kung Fu Panda of Software Testing. It is true that never before has a Panda been so feared and so loved. Pradeep’s journey has been very similar to the character Po. Including the latest movie Part 3 – which was about Chhi and Pradeep had somehow envisioned it and named his 2nd start-up as Appachhi much before the movie concept came out.

Linkedin is the best way to connect to him. Twitter sometimes. No Facebook. Email – a good option if you want to discuss testing. Experience the Skadoosh!